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Gold Member Magic Mushrooms


Gold Member Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Gold-Member) The Goldmember strain was originally developed and named in the late 1980s and has become synonymous as “The Magic Mushroom”. Goldmember is one of the strongest strains we offer and has been a fan favourite for years.  

Golden Teachers

The Gold Member shrooms are characterized by golden/caramel caps ranging in size and light/colourless very thick stems. The appearance seems to be like its lineage Penis Envy and Golden Teachers. Some mushrooms look very similar to Penis Envy with thick and short stalky mushrooms, and some look like stalky and short Golden Teachers. Expect high potency, we do not recommend this strain for first timers. Our staff reported a good balance of euphoria and oneness with the universe. Expect this strain to be good used alone or in lighter dosage with group of friends.


14g, 28g, 3.5g, 7g

18 reviews for Gold Member Magic Mushrooms

  1. Wes B

    Very nice! Mellow but powerful. Definitely a creeper strain for me. Took almost 3 hours to peak. Hadda wonderful day.

  2. Ashien L

    Awesome trip on 3 grams

    Get Magic Mushrooms Gold Member Magic Mushrooms Review

  3. Demain V

    Was super high, hit in waves

  4. GY

    Did these at my cottage and the experience was epic. Honestly felt them after 10 mins and lasted 5 hours steady. Definitely not for beginners

    Gold Member Magic Mushrooms – 7g

  5. Wenery

    After trying these mushroom I was very surprised at the potency of them. I started with a 1.5 dose tea which gave pleasant visuals and feelings of euphoria. A 3.5 dose gave a trip on par with about 4.5 of blue meanies.
    The only complaint I would have is the bulky size of the mushroom.
    But the concentration of psilocybin is not to be scoffed at. Overall was very enjoyable with the addition of some cannabis to stabilize the trip.

  6. Sumbaja Ki

    Vraiment bien, mon anxiété diminue de jours en jours

  7. Mimie

    Very awesome experience! Will definitely buy again.

  8. Vivian B

    I was not expecting the potency of these mushrooms. The effects were gradual and sustained. They are powerful. I experienced quite a journey of the spirit. These are not for the faint of heart.

  9. Gray C

    Enjoyed very much!

  10. Jain M

    I found these to be good for the most part.

  11. Val B

    I recommend this product

  12. Philip

    Experience was good! They are much bigger then I expected had to break them up but over all would buy again!

  13. Desert C

    I was really impressed with these. I experienced intense visuals, a great mood and was really feeling in touch with the world around me. I would order these again in a heartbeat!

  14. Gilbert

    Finally found something that takes the edge off and calms my pain from diverticulitis

  15. Francois U

    Using to microdose great product

  16. Felix V

    Very good quality. Fast shipping.

    Gold Member Magic Mushrooms – 28g

  17. Sindle

    Life changing Thanks

    Gold Member Magic Mushrooms – 14g

  18. Victor S

    Hi. I’m sorry I sent awful messages. My address is 701 13th st west. Apt603. S6v3h2. That is my confirmed address from Canada post

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