Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms

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Tidal Wave mushrooms

Tidal Wave mushrooms get their colour, size, and overall cap shape from the B+ parent strain but have thick white bodies with tightly packed gills that resemble Penis Envy.

The wavy edges on the cap give it an otherworldly look; these characteristic waves are where the strain gets its name. Another unique quirk of the Tidal Wave strains is that they sometimes grow a little white ball on the top of their caps.

The effects of the Tidal Wave strain are similar to Penis Envy, causing heavy visual hallucinations with intense euphoria during the initial stage while maintaining a sense of mental clarity.

Tidal Wave is known to produce feel-good sensations in the body, so many users find Tidal Wave mushrooms helpful in combatting depression and other mood disorders. This is why it’s also a popular strain in microdosing formulas for general mood elevation.


14g, 28g, 3.5g, 7g

17 reviews for Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms

  1. Guillermo

    Didnt tried Yet

  2. Houston Q

    Shipping was super fast and product was discreet and packaged well. Enjoyed the trip, will buy from here again

    Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms

  3. Erik S

    Came as expected very good product reliable and tracking cant go wrong deffently will be back ! Thank you .

    Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms

  4. Rod

    Happy with product was delivered on time.

  5. Bryant

    Long lasting, not too strong but strong enough

  6. Reggie D

    Buzz buzz

    Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms

  7. 2023Orlando

    I’m excited to try these, however when I ordered them the mushrooms that I got delivered was a bag of ***** envy

    Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms

  8. Vito

    Great service, fast delivery!

    Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms

  9. Arden E

    Great quality and great shipping! Will definitely order again.

    Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms

  10. Josh K

    I recommend this product

  11. Delmer A

    Fire! Great high great visuals and great experience

    Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms

  12. Elroy W

    It was great very clear and vivid experience.

    Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms – 28g

  13. Jacky G

    Quality product, nice mix of caps and stems. Quick easy shipping. All around great service 10/10!

    Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms

  14. Rogelio Z

    Great entry into psychedelics.

  15. Eduardo

    Very fast delivery of an awesome product!!

    Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms

  16. Augustine

    Received the package really fast, great experience, I’m very satisfied!

    Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms

  17. Emmy

    Very surprise by the size of it and an excellent potent strain I recommend 👍�

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