Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

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Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

This strain of magic mushrooms is known in the market as one of the strongest and most hard-hitting shrooms out there making it heavily sought-after by hardcore psychonauts craving for that other-worldly psychedelic trip.

The Penis Envy mushroom got its name from its physical attributes of a thick shaft and a bulbous head that doesn’t spread wide open like other shrooms. These mushrooms have a very high potency that doesn’t sit well with beginners, so it is not the recommended shroom for first-time users.

Users can expect a transformative experience with this special strain as its psychoactive elements can induce deep shamanic encounters, vision quests, and an overall mystic feeling. The high potency of these mushrooms may also alleviate symptoms of chronic illnesses.

Effects: Spiritual, Intense Visuals, Euphoria, Laughter

Shrooms-Online’s magic mushrooms are guaranteed to be top-quality with each shroom undergoing a meticulous selection process to ensure their premium grade and organic origins.


14g, 28g, 3.5g, 7g

16 reviews for Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

  1. Frank kits

    Quite enjoyable, I used them for both micro and macro dosing, no complaints, I will buy more of this strain from our dear friends at for sure!

  2. Nigel Logan (verified Buyer)

    Best I’ve bought online !

  3. Mavin Kran

    I’ve been ordering for the first time cuse it was a hell of a trip at Rammstein Montreal Concert. My budy’s face was moving like crazy with all kind of colours. No regret! That s a good one folks!

  4. Jenny Glow

    I’ve ordered these many times. Never disappoints me. People I share with are left amazed. Very clean feeling trip. Amazing visuals and all round great feeling

  5. Thomas Velly

    This is my favourite kind of mushrooms. They produce a great high!

  6. Franklinson Kell

    i was thrilled to order my first ,mushrooms on line
    but i found ,,my ounce was NOT ALL what you clamed
    i received ,,mostly stems ,70% ,,the rest was heads ,,but almost half was not penis heads ,,and they were not potent enough to get my dog offf,,
    you asked ,,,,and if you do nothing ,you will lose me and my brother ..

  7. Andre Salini

    I guess these are the classic shrooms strain but I hadn’t tried them until now. These were a lot of fun and pretty intense. Would definitely get again

  8. Sam kidson

    By far my favorite. Intense. Very trippy.

  9. Johnson suil

    Not ultra, ultra powerful as some claim this strain to be, but it was great. Made the room glow.

  10. Spheni k

    Great product, very potent. Would definitely recommend

  11. James KAn

    Pretty wild. I took what would normally be a micro dose for me (0.5) and was feeling pretty wacky. Strongest I’ve had by far

  12. Kelvin

    First rate product. Well cared for during grow, harvested at the right time, and perfectly dried. Impressive and recommended. ⭐

  13. Sandra H

    Ordered 7g, wife and I both had 3.5 grams each and had no effects what so ever. Pretty disappointed.

  14. Veni L

    These shrooms are much larger than the last batch I ordered. Still amazing.

  15. Mary Lino

    One of my favorites. 2 grams and 30 minutes later Im on my way to the start of a great trip.

  16. Asinoli Lop

    Absolutely beautiful and intense experience. Very potent. Can’t recommend them enough to other peoples.

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